Weed Control

Controlling Your Weeds


Weed control sounds easier than it is.  Weed control can be a massive job to take on alone.  Most people bend over breaking our backs pulling weeds and then those pesty weeds still come back sometimes within the same week.  King's Lawn Care and Landscaping offers its clientele preventive services and chemical control for all weeds starting as low as $70.  King's Lawn Care and Landscaping will come to you and give you a free estimate! Make sure you mention you saw their website!

Preventive Services 

Once your yard has been treated, you definitely do not want those weeds coming back.  Unfortunately the weed seeds can come from neighbors yards, birds planting, vehicles driving  by, windy storms, livestock, and much more.  The best way to ensure that weeds do not come back is by having King's Lawn Care and Landscaping to come and perform their preventive services.  In these services, King's includes the spread of granular seeds to kill off any new baby weeds that may be trying to bloom.

Chemical Control

King's chooses the safest method of treating weeds and keeping families safe.  However, King's wants to make sure the granules used are the most effective and powerful, yet not to damage your current grass.  The granules laid out are water activated, as well as kid and pet safe.  Results will always vary, but typically results will shine in approximately a week.

Other Weed Control Methods

There are always other methods of getting rid of weeds.

  • Hard labor by bending and pulling weeds. However not always a guarantee that you will get all the roots and seeds.
  • Shallow tilling.  Again this is not a guarantee that you will necessarily get all the root out.  If the root is not completely out the weed will not only grow back, but tend to multiply.
  • Mowing suppresses the weeds, but don't be surprised to see those weeds in about a week.

If your ready to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood, give King's Lawn Care and Landscaping a call or send us a message.  King's is ready to give you that beauty of a yard.

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