Land Grading

land grading

The difference in having proper graded yard and incorrect drainage can make the difference between a beautiful well kept yard and a drainage problem.

“Grading in construction is the process of making a level or slope base for different construction works such as foundation for a building, base course for railways and roads, for garden and landscape improvements and surface drainage.”

So you may ask yourself why is land grading so important to your yard/land?

“When construction takes place on uneven ground, water drainage is an important consideration. If the land has not been graded correctly, water won’t drain properly; instead of being channeled away from the building, it could flow toward it. In such a case, during significant rainfall, water would accumulate around the building foundation, damage the cinder blocks, wash away the landscape vegetation, and pose a threat of interior flooding and water damage. Because of this, precise and reliable land grading services are crucial to any construction project. It not only assures a solid base on which to build, but it provides effective long-term water drainage and prevents damage to the topography and building.”

Who should you hire for land grading?

Hire a professional! Sloping, bulldozing, excavating, and grading can be tricky and costly if not done correctly. King’s Lawn Care and Landscaping, LLC provides free professional land grading quotes. Contact us today!