Fertilize Your Grass

How to Fertilize Your Grass?

fertilize your grassFertilize Your Grass, is the best statement to achieve the most beautiful residential green lawn.  In addition to having that beautiful green color of grass, fertilizer helps to boost healthy growth within your yard.  Fertilizer can fix other common problems such as weed growth and unwanted insects.  King’s Lawn Care and Landscaping recommends to purchase the weed control and fertilizing package together so you can get the outcome of both.

Fertilizing your grass can be tricky as there are many ways to to fertilize your grass, but first thing is to measure your soil acidity and ph levels.  Knowing your soil levels will help to determine what type of fertilizer you will need, also by measuring the levels you will be able to determine if you need to add some lime or other types of products. There are 3 types of fertilizer: Granular, Liquid, and Organic.

Best times to fertilize are in the Spring and Fall.  Summer can be a little harsh without plenty of water.

When fertilizing there are several tools that you can utilize to spread the fertilization seeds around.  Broadcast spreaders, handheld spreaders, and drop spreaders are the top 3 ways to spread fertilizer.  Broadcast spreaders are the most popular of the spreaders because it covers such a wide area and can make laying the fertilization seeds quicker.  Handheld spreaders are perfect for those smaller lawns or to help cover patches.  Drop spreaders are similar to broadcast spreaders but tend to offer a little more control for where you spread.  The drop spreader fertilizes directly to lawn in the width of the spreader.

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